The pandemic “get away” in your new landscaped backyard oasis.

Backyard landscape with water feature
Peace and quiet in your own yard

With cities being locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family requirement for a safe space and a backyard to ?get away? without leaving home has never been more important.  Extending the family living space to the outdoors can give you the feeling of a ?get away? without leaving your own yard.

We are all hearing phrases like ?locked in your home? which well defines the typical family unit today.? With schools being shut down, parents have added a new role as curriculum builders, time schedulers and full time teachers in their own homes.? Jobs, whether you have one or not have added completely new level of stress to the family unit. Basically the feeling of being “locked in” is stress from not having a chance to step away from everything new that has come up from the health issues surrounding us today.? Family members have had to adapt work and school spaces within the house and depending on the size of your indoor living space, there may not be proper spaces to have a ?get away? from others. Going beyond the new day to day schedule, let?s add the question whether or not we will be able to safely take our families on holidays or camping for an actual get away. .?

We all can imagine the feeling of snuggling outdoors by an outdoor fireplace, making s?mores, golfing, sipping wine on a patio , reading a good book in the sun or having a nap in a lounger with the sound of trickling water from a nearby creek or pond.? These dreams can all be attained within our own yards with a beautiful landscape design and construction. ?

Landscaping companies that offer full service landscape design and construction are your best choice to ensure you create properly functioning yards with sturdy retaining walls, water drainage issues solved, creative designed areas with design flow, privacy, low maintenance and the added features that will bring you peace and happiness.? ?

Whether your goals are to make new family memories resembling weekend getaways or to create new private spaces for a peaceful mental break, there might not be a better time to create these new outdoor living spaces in your own yard.