Making The Most Of Your Small Patio

making the most of your small patio

More and more people are flocking to Canada?s urban centres, making usable yard space (or lack there-of) more of an issue than ever before. Fortunately, there are many innovative ways to make your small patio unique, beautiful, and functional!

Install a Garden

Just because you don?t have a large yard, doesn?t mean you have to go without a garden. There are many ways to incorporate plants into your small patio which will bring an entirely new value to your space.

If you?re looking to get the most out of your dollar, hiring a professional is a must. They?ll be able to create a garden oasis no matter what size area you?re working with. However, if you?re working on a budget, there are still a few small improvements you can create yourself:

  • Mount canning jars on your wall to build an herb garden
  • Use repurposed wooden pallets to house herbs and cascading plants
  • Incorporate vines and cascading plants into the structure of your patio
  • Hang planters to create a vertical garden
  • Use repurposed items like cement blocks, wooden crates, birdcages, pails, and whatever else the flea market has to offer to create unique planters with a vintage vibe
  • Use a small shelving unit to house your potted plants

When building your patio garden, always think vertically to maximize the space. It?s amazing what can be accomplished with a little creativity!

Invest in the Proper Patio Furniture

The amount of patio furniture you can have depends on the size of your patio, and what you?d like to use it for. Benches are a great space saver because they can be built against the wall and create a more open area in the middle.

Here are a few other ideas for compact patio furniture:

  • Multi-tasking furniture:Having a bench or ottoman double as storage for gardening supplies and other small items is a great way economize your space.
  • Collapsible furniture:If your patio is usually used by just one or two people, all you may want is a bench or nook to sit in. However if you have company, you?ll likely need more. Collapsible furniture is useful for those occasions because once you?re done, you can just put it away and still enjoy your space.

Stores that sell patio furniture usually have lots of options for smaller spaces. Do research online and in-store to find what suits your aesthetic, and comfort.

Don?t Forget the D?cor

Don?t sacrifice d?cor just because you have a small space! Like gardens, thinking vertically and using wall space is the key to maximizing your patio?s potential.

  • Repurposed items:Using antiques or other ?junk? items is a great way to recycle and give your space a unique look.
  • Hanging items:If you have any sort of ceiling?perhaps lattice or canopy?items like birdcages or wind chimes will hardly take up any space.
  • Mirrors:Incorporating a mirror into your patio will make the space appear larger.

The key to getting the most out of your small patio is creativity and experimentation. Just because your patio is small, doesn?t mean it can?t be the patio of your dreams! For the best results, consult a professional. Companies like Infinity Gardens are able to make a mountain out of the smallest backyard molehills, giving you a beautiful space in even the smallest areas. Contact our team today to find out more!