7 Necessities For A Luxury Cottage

Luxury Cottage with Outdoor Kitchen

Being able to separate yourself from the constant buzz of the city is good for both mind and body. Whether it?s going out and enjoying a lazy weekend on the lake or spending quiet time alone in the woods, no matter the destination or the amount of time, cottages give you the ability to unwind and let loose.

There are a number of key necessities that no cottage owner should be without if they?re looking to add a little luxury to their woodlands lifestyle.

Outdoor Kitchen

During the warm summer months, there?s no better way to spend time with one another than being outside and sharing a meal. By having an outdoor kitchen, no one has to be separated from the group because they?re busy inside cooking. Consider a built in grille, area for cutting and preparing food, and finally a table and chairs for serving. The entire setup will provide countless hours of fun.


There are few places that speak of peace and solitude more than a hammock resting quietly between a pair of trees. If there are not any trees available, there are plenty of options that include posts or setups that do not require being attached to any existing foliage. If you plan to visit your cottage with your special someone, look for the extra wide options to include them in your relaxation.


Spending time outside of your cottage is always enjoyable, but there are times when Mother Nature won?t let you. Picking furniture then is important as a backup for those nasty days. Try to find pieces that add rustic charm while still being comfortable for everyday use. Look inside antique stores or try refurbishing old dressers and couches to give them that old world feel.


Listening to the sounds of nature is nice, but if the chirp of crickets and the sounds of water lapping against the dock don?t suit you, consider putting in a batch of speakers for your outdoor amusement. Being able to play music in the background of your dinner or while playing outside with friends will perfectly set the surroundings.

Beverage Dispenser

Having a beverage dispenser available will help hydrate your guests without forcing them to move through your cottage, and hydration should be a priority on hot summer days. They can be simple glass containers or colorful ceramics with intricate designs; either option allows you to customize the atmosphere of your cottage and make it truly your own.


There?s no better place to hang out and enjoy every part of your luxury cottage then on your masterfully built patio. A simple design meant to match the surrounding woods or a stunning stone masterpiece that will leave people speechless will enhance your entire experience while in cottage country. No matter what choice you make, the patio will become a main area for everyone to spend time and enjoy each other?s company. You can improve your patio further with additions like outdoor fireplaces or designer yard work.


The area surrounding your cottage is as important as the cottage itself. When you?ve finally selected your ideal location, you need to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. Line your cottage with plenty of windows so that you will be able to view your new surroundings from almost any angle.

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6 Ways To Improve Your Home

Landscaping ideas to make your home better.

There are many aspects to selling a home that have to be addressed if you don?t want it to sit for long. The first, and arguably most important, is your home?s curb appeal. It?s the first impression that potential buyers will have, and if it?s no good then you can expect it to be difficult to get your home to sell.

Luckily there are some relatively simple changes you can make to your home to increase interest and generate a higher value!

Fence in Your Home

A good way to frame your home is by having a fence put in. Whether you decided to go with the classic white picket fence or choose to give yourself some more privacy with a large wooden one, you?ll be showcasing your yard in an easy and elegant way.

Having a gate along with the fence also gives off the feeling of security. Fences are the classic yard look for a reason, and will pop out to potential buyers. Take your surroundings into account when having the fence put in so that it matches well with the neighborhood and exterior d?cor of your home.

Add Outdoor Art

Adding art to your yard is an excellent way to quickly improve the look of your home. Be on the lookout for pieces that will complement the look of your home. Fountains, sculptures, metal art pieces, or even wind chimes are all excellent ways to make your curb appeal more memorable.

Clean up Your Yard

This is an obvious step that can be overlooked because of its simplicity, but making sure that your yard looks well kept will do wonders for the buyer?s confidence in the house. Pull weeds, take care of overgrown shrubs, look out for dead plants, and store any tools or toys.

Put in Some Lights

When looking to purchase a home, there are many aspects of your new residence that buyers take in account. For example, how does the home look at night? Is there enough light to be able to walk to the front door safely? Put in a few light fixtures for your home to both accentuate the property. If you don?t feel like wiring a series of lights together, choosing individual solar path lights is both a cheap and effective alternative.

Touchup Old Paintjobs

A dull or chipped paint job can make your house look lifeless and unappealing. Deciding to paint your entire exterior is a big job, both in expense in time, but is extremely helpful in improving curb appeal. If you can?t swing the whole house, focus on smaller jobs like trim or window sills. Pick a bright color so that the work has a strong impact on the buyer, and leaves them wanting more.

Improve Your Garden

This is one of the most underutilized, but most impactful, changes you can make to the appearance of your home. People love seeing flowers flourish and plants thriving in their garden. Consciously it allows them to better appreciate the aesthetics of the home, and subconsciously it allows people to imagine the possibilities of living things- both plants and people- that could be to come.

Spend some time to make sure that everything is alive and healthy, then add a little extra to it. Hire a professional to take care of the job so you know you?re getting the most of your gardens potential. Look to companies like Infinity Gardens for ideas on how to upgrade your garden and yard!