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How To Save Water While Still Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lawn while conserving water. To maintain a healthy lawn, you must keep a good balance between over- and under- watering. It’s also important to think about the environment. Water is a precious resource, and we should all do our part to conserve water. When it comes to being eco-friendly, every little bit helps.

 Healthy Lawn

So, how can we save water, while keeping our lawn healthy and growing?

Choose the Right Irrigation Technique

Common lawn irrigation techniques include:

  • Sprinklers
  • Hand watering
  • Drip Irrigation

Sprinklers are a great, labour saving way to water your lawn, but you’ll want to make sure you never forget to turn the sprinklers off. Sprinklers can become water wasters if left on for too long. Fortunately, technology allows us to put our sprinklers on timers, so they can turn on and off automatically.

You may also choose to have complete control over water flow by watering your garden by hand.

However, the most conservative, and effective way to hydrate your lawn is drip irrigation, which delivers moisture directly to the plants’ roots. Since the water goes right to the roots, there’s less wastage. In fact, drip irrigation uses 70% less water than a regular sprinkler.

Not only does drip irrigation save water, it also saves you valuable time. Once the irrigation system is in place, your yard is automatically watered–you don’t need to do a thing. At Infinity Gardens, our irrigation specialists can help you set up an irrigation system, saving water, and allowing your lawn to flourish!

Water Strategically

If you are watering your lawn using sprinklers, or by hand, be sure to water early in the morning. When it’s really hot out, a lot of water can be lost due to evaporation. By watering early in the summer months, you can buy time for the water to be absorbed into the earth.

Take care in the placement and alignment of your sprinklers, to make sure the sidewalk or driveway isn’t getting as much water as the lawn!

Love the Rain

Rainwater can be your best friend! Not only does it naturally water your lawn, but you can set up a rainwater collection system (a rain barrel, for instance) and continue allowing rain to benefit your lawn even once the showers have passed.

If you have an automatic irrigation system installed (drip irrigation, or sprinklers), make sure it has functioning moisture sensors that shut the system off when it rains.

Maintaining a healthy lawn takes many considerations. Fortunately, there are so many ways to keep a beautiful, yet eco-friendly outdoor space. For more information from the specialists at Infinity Gardens, contact us today!

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