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Ten Ideas For Better Landscaping Solutions

A great way to improve your home is through landscaping. With so many landscaping option out there what should you choose? Do you go with a new patio or add a swimming pool? What about a colourful garden or space for the kids to play? Are you looking to cook more outdoors or cultivate a relaxing atmosphere? We’ve come up with ten ideas for better landscaping solutions that look great and compliment any home.

Ten Ideas For Better Landscaping Solutions

  1. Stone Path Dividers
  2. Whether it’s your back or front yard you’re looking to improve, stone paths can be used to divide any area. Adding stone paths or walkways to separate certain areas of your yard allow you to keep certain spaces separate from others. For instance, if you have a stone path that divides your yard into two areas, you can have a barbecue station in one and a swing set for your kids in another. Or, you can have stone paths around your home that connect the back and front yards. No matter what you choose, stone paths are proven landscaping solutions.

  3. Outdoor Kitchen
  4. Do you host a lot of barbecues? Do you like having people over for meals? Why not try this ultimate landscaping solution: the outdoor kitchen. You don’t have to install a full kitchen but speciality appliances like brick stoves and pizza ovens work great outdoors. It is also a good idea to install an outdoor sink to make cleaning up after barbecues a breeze.

  5. Meditation Garden
  6. If you’re looking to create a zen-like atmosphere in your backyard, a meditation garden will do the trick. Meditation gardens don’t necessarily need to be used to meditate. They’re actually stylish and offer a tranquil aspect to your yard.

  7. Swimming Pool
  8. The perfect landscaping solution for your home might be a swimming pool. Besides giving your family a place to cool down when the sun’s out for revenge, a pool is like an at-home gym because swimming is a great overall body workout. You don’t have to have an in-ground pool, an above-ground one with a deck built around it is a great landscaping option.

  9. Water Features
  10. If having an in-ground or above-ground pool isn’t a good landscaping option for your property there are other water features you can install that take up less space. Ponds, waterfalls, ceramic and stone fountains all make for beautiful landscaping ideas. You can even have fish in your pond to create an idyllic scene. Just remember that the fish will need a home in the winter when your pond freezes over.

  11. Privacy Shrubbery
  12. One of the more practical considerations of landscaping is ensuring that you have enough privacy from your neighbours. Traditional fencing is fine but if you’re looking to spruce up your property, try privacy shrubbery instead. Evergreen shrubs, bamboo plants—basically any tall hedge—will work to keep your home separate from your neighbours’. However, some shrubs will lose their greenery in the winter, so keep that in mind when choosing your plants.

  13. Kiddie Corner
  14. If you have kids, don’t neglect them when it comes to landscaping. Swing sets and jungle gyms can be incorporated into your backyard but if you really want to keep your kids busy for hours on end go for the fun option with a sandbox. Since you will already be dividing your backyard with beautiful stone paths, you can keep the sandbox separate from the “adult” areas of the yard like the outdoor kitchen and pool.

  15. Deck and Patio
  16. Depending on the size of your property, a deck or patio may be the right landscaping solution for you. You can go with a gorgeous stone patio or try the brick option. On the other hand, a treated-wood deck could look great in your yard. It all depends on the space available and what your tastes dictate.

  17. Theme Garden
  18. Another landscaping solution for your home is to add your own spin to a traditional garden. Theme gardens allow you to explore different colours and plant species. Everything from tropical to woodland to beach to rock garden is up for grabs and since this is your property, whatever theme you choose for your garden is perfect. You can match the rest of your yard to your theme garden for a little symmetry.

  19. Fireplace
  20. A simple landscaping option would be to add a fireplace or firepit to your yard. Fireplaces and firepits add a cozy feeling to your property and are easy to maintain. Plus, with a firepit or place you can entertain outside all year round.

If you are planning on undertaking a large landscaping project for your home, seek professional assistance. There are a great many things to consider, not the least of which being that many aspects of landscaping work can be dangerous. Contact the professionals at Infinity Gardens instead to help you every step of the way.

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Yard Design

12 Ways To Make Your Yard More Inviting For Guests

Entertaining doesn’t have to be reserved for the living room. The next time you have people over, encourage them to sit outside and enjoy the yard. How do you get our guests to want to hang out in the backyard? It’s not as hard as you may think. Here are 12 ways to make your yard more inviting for guests:

Ways To Make Your Yard More Inviting For Guests

  1. Keep Bugs Away
  2. Because we spend most of our daily hours at work, we usually only utilize our yards in the evening and that’s when the bugs come out in full force. To keep bugs away try citronella candles and have plants around that repel insects like basil, mint and chrysanthemums. There are also light fixtures that you can buy that zap bugs on contact. However, they can be noisy and distracting when you’re trying to entertain.

  3. Furnish with Relaxation in Mind
  4. A great way to get people to want to enjoy your yard is to cultivate an atmosphere that looks relaxing. Comfortable seating like padded garden furniture and patio sets that look inviting create the perfect match of style and comfort. Do not put indoor furniture outside. It will get ruined. Make sure you get furniture that is specifically made for the outdoors.

  5. Light the Way
  6. During the day you’ll have the sun to provide natural illumination but at night you’ll need candles, torches and outdoor lights. You don’t have to light up your yard like it’s a Major League Baseball diamond but you should provide enough lighting so that people can see each other while they hang out. LED and solar powered lights are a nice green option if you’re looking to conserve energy in your yard.

  7. Avoid Clutter
  8. A yard with too much stuff in it, will not be inviting to guests. Avoid cluttering your yard with too much furniture and fixtures. An easy way to stay away from clutter is to pick a theme for your yard and stick to it. You won’t want to add items and furniture that don’t fit with your theme.

  9. Add Water
  10. If you have a pool then you’re already one step ahead of the game. If you don’t have a pool and there’s no option to get one, try a small water feature like a fountain. Not only do water features add a touch of style to your yard, the bubbling sounds can be very calming and contribute to the relaxing atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate.

  11. Let Your Yard Bloom
  12. Flowers and greenery make any yard more inviting for guests because they look beautiful and stimulate the senses. Keeping your yard in full bloom (which may not be possible in the winter, making it all the more desirable when it’s warm out) creates swaths of colour and adds a nice fragrant touch.

  13. Keep the Grass Trimmed
  14. Unkempt grass will make everyone stay away from your yard. Besides keeping your grass trimmed and cared for, ensure that there’s enough green space available for kids (and adults) to run around on. With a grassy area in your yard, you can have games for everyone to enjoy like lawn bowling and beanbag toss.

  15. Throw Some Shade
  16. Your yard will get very warm, perhaps unpleasantly so on a hot day. Keep an area of your backyard shaded to give your guests somewhere to escape the sun. You can have a canopy or tent put up in your yard, or if you have large trees, use them as a refuge by hanging a hammock where people can get out of the sun.

  17. Fire It Up
  18. If you’re looking to extend the outdoor season well into the winter, invite your guests over to sit by your outdoor fireplace or firepit. The warm glow of the fire, coupled with the hot cocoa you’ll make in your outdoor kitchen (see #12) will make your guests feel cozy.

  19. Deck the Yard
  20. Deck the yard with…a deck. If you don’t have one already, having a deck put in gives you an extra incentive to have people over. Decks are easy to clean and maintain and you don’t have to stick to the traditional wood option. Stone patios are equally as inviting as wooden decks. If you have a fireplace or firepit installed, you might as well house it on a gorgeous deck or patio.

  21. Project the Entertainment
  22. Movie projectors are easy to make these days. All you need is an app for your smartphone, a light coloured sheet and a wall. Invite your guests over for outdoor movie nights and serve popcorn that you’ve popped directly on your fireplace or firepit.

  23. Keep It Cooking
  24. Another option to make your yard the place to be, is to add an outdoor kitchen. Many people already have barbeques and other cooking appliances outside, why not have an entire kitchen so you don’t have to run back into the house every time you need to make dinner for your guests?

These 12 ways to make your backyard more inviting for guests are so appealing that you may have trouble getting your guests to ever leave!

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