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Decorating Tips For Small Balconies

Just because your balcony is small doesn’t mean that you should leave it as an empty space.There are lots of things you can do to make it a little more stylish, such as plants, furniture and small decorative touches. Here are a few ideas you can explore:

Decorating Tips For Small Balconies

Small Furniture
Adding small furniture is a smart way to enhance your balcony. It can be just a table and chair. While it may not be ideal for practical use because of its small size, it can certainly still create a homey and cozy feel. Opt for wooden chairs over plastic, and add a small cushion and decorative table cloth for a little more style and personality.

Plants and Flowers
There’s no a better way to decorate your outdoor patio than to add plants and flowers. Try using hanging plants to add some dimension and variety to the space and to bring a softer, more organic feel to the balcony. Another advantage to hanging plants is that they create a little added privacy, as well as shade. You can also make use of the wall of the balcony by having vines and climbing plants run up the walls. Beautifully painted flower pots can also help take your look to the next level.

Small statues and paintings can also add some sophistication to your small patio. One or two pieces of stylish art can make a big difference to a small area.

A Stylish Rug
A rug can be another decorative feature of the balcony. There are lots of outdoor designs that are weather resistant and that go well with plants and pots.

A lamp is a great touch for your patio. It won’t take up much space and it will illuminate the entire space. It will also make a handy addition to the space for anyone hoping to read in the evening. Some lights work better than others, so you should be a little selective about what kind of lamp you use. You can even use candle lights (preferably electric ones) to enhance the patio at night.

Decorative rocks
Rocks can actually be surprisingly decorative to a patio. When they are placed in the right way, they can make a good background. If you want to go further you can have these rocks painted or decorated. They don’t have to be large, of course. You can use small rocks to complement the flowers and plants that are already there.

As more condos are being built and more people are choosing small economical places in the city, it’s more important than ever to get used to small patios. Make the most of your patio by making it your own, settling in, and making it a comfortable place to relax on a sunny afternoon.

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Yard Design

6 Ways To Bring Luxury To Your Yard

Summer is typically the season for spending a lot of time outdoors. Many people may start to think about making trips abroad or a getaway location, but with a little effort and imagination, you can create a small oasis right in your backyard. A beautiful outdoor space can be a great place to relax with your family, as well as the perfect setting for hosting friends and neighbours for a pleasant afternoon tea time or a lively BBQ party. Here are a few ways you can make your yard a little more luxurious:

Luxury Yard

  1. Music
  2. A little bit of background music can go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere in your backyard. Try soft and soothing music if you’re looking to set a relaxing vibe for you and your guests, or find a quicker beat for a bigger party or special occasion. You can try bringing your regular speakers outside and hooking them up with an extension cord, but there are some fun, outdoor-appropriate options, like wireless speakers that are intentionally shaped like rocks. Consider taking that organic spirit to the next level by playing background noise like running water or birds.

  3. Lighting
  4. Lighting is not only for illuminating your yard at night. If you use it effectively, it brings a certain glow to your yard. Candlelight is one option, but a safer alternative is a lamp that is dimmable or wall mounted lights. If you have a pool, a great idea would be to have floating lights. It doesn’t have to expensive; you can have battery operated lights inside inflated balloons and float them.

  5. Furniture
  6. Furniture is always a must if you are thinking about luxury. These days you have a number of options from wrought iron furniture to weatherproof sectional couches. Whatever your taste, furniture can always bring comfort and luxury to your yard.

  7. Water
  8. Water features are an elegant and tasteful addition to any backyard. The appearance and sound of running water creates a meditative and relaxing atmosphere. A small fountain can have the desired effect, or if you are a little more ambitious, consider installing a full aquarium or fish pond.

  9. Television
  10. If you like watching TV, having a television in your backyard can be a fun touch. And when there’s a big game on, having your friends over to relax in the yard without missing the game is a great party favour. There are a number of water resistant TVs on the market; you can purchase them online or in stores.

  11. Privacy
  12. You can ensure some privacy for your backyard by using fences or garden walls. Plants and hedges are also good ideas, and they will probably blend in better with your backyard depending on if it already has a lawn. Curtains are also a great choice. You can hang them around your yard or even use flowers to do the job.

All these decorative details can really boost your garden, and take it from a standard outdoor space to being a lovely, decadent and relaxing haven. And don’t forget to put your green thumb to work — a wide variety of flowers, shrubs and herbs are crucial to creating a great backyard.

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