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3 Breathtaking Patio Bars to Inspire your Reno

Have you ever looked at parts of your home and wondered why they go unused when there are lots of things you could do with that space?

Pause for a moment and consider how you spend your week — do you use it trying to unwind from a tough day at work? If so, then a bar could be a great way to relax in your spare time, making it a worthwhile investment into your home. The best part of having a patio bar is that you’re spending time outdoors, getting fresh air and using your backyard, which for most people are largely underused.

The opposite of a dive bar

The Opposite Of A Dive Bar

Sometimes the bars that you end up going to aren’t very warm and inviting, which really takes away from the experience of having fun on a night out. You are in charge of your patio’s design, so imagine what would make you feel cozy and happy A fire pit is a great addition that will help you stay warm, establish the mood, and impress even the toughest of friends and family. They’re easy to use and only require inexpensive fuel to keep the flame roaring!

Cozy furniture
Outdoor furniture is built to withstand all types of weather, so don’t be afraid to buy seating with fabric as part of the upholstery or pillow treatment! For a more upscale look, choose plastic wicker chairs with high backs and wooden legs, and for rustic appeal, sofas with plush cushions are sure to make it easy to take a quick nap in the sun while lying outside on the patio with a drink (that was mixed in the outdoor bar!) in hand.

Cozy Furniture

Patio enclosures
Patio structures that provide some shelter from the weather come in a variety of options. They can be waterproof to hold back the rain and snow, or open to allow maximum sunlight through during the day. Having a roof over your head means you can read, relax, and even prepare food or drinks regardless of rain or shine.

Patio Enclosures

Green is relaxing
The best garden patio bar combines nature as the perfect backdrop and an outdoor bar stocked with your favourite drinks. Green gardens don’t have to be fancy to be great; there are plenty of plants with interesting shapes and silhouettes to beef up your garden.

Infinity Gardens offers a wide variety of plants to make your garden your perfect paradise! Take a look through our selection for inspiration on your next big garden renovation, and contact us today for more information.

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Home Improvement

How to Choose the Right Kind of Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is about the classiest choice for upgrading your patio there is, but there are so many options available that if you took the time to review them all, your head would spin!

Outdoor Fireplace

It’s important to start with the basics when you’re looking to invest in an outdoor fireplace to help narrow down your choice once it’s time to make your purchase. Let’s go through some of the categories and features of fireplaces on the market to get a broad overview of the best that outdoor fireplaces have to offer!

Looking at the materials
Fireplaces can be made from a variety of sturdy materials to endure the weather, so your main consideration is how it looks. Different materials will leave a different impression, and it’s key to making the right choice.

Although it is possible to refinish your fireplace, it’s better to simply make the right decision in the first place! Here are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • Red brick brings a warm colour to the surroundings, and it’s a classic choice when it comes to fixtures that get really hot, such as fireplaces and ovens;
  • Stucco is cheap and leaves a unique finish in a variety of colours, with the brightest hues in yellow or blue;
  • Stone looks expensive, and its appearance reflects its cost.

Gas or wood?
There are two typical ways of fueling chimneys. Gas fireplaces are more predictable, quick to start up, and less finicky, while wood chimneys are authentic. There is nothing like the smell of burning wood from a fireplace, and you can even do classic things like roast marshmallows or chestnuts over the open fire.

You can even install the necessary hardware to turn the hearth into a cooking fireplace where you can roast meals in the traditional style of food preparation.

Sizes and shapes
For outdoor fireplaces, you largely aren’t as restricted by space as much as you would be if you were adding an indoor fireplace. As such, there are many options when it comes to the external design, ranging from height to the shape of its silhouette to choosing detailed architectural work.

Your outdoor fireplace can be used throughout the year, and you might even find yourself using it more than your indoor fireplace. Adding this fixture to your yard is a great way to spend more time outdoors, especially since for most people, backyards are underused!

Outdoor fireplaces, patio furniture, and patio enclosures are some of the ways to spruce up your yard. For other, greener ideas, consider sprucing up the garden with new plants. Come take a look at what we have in store for your next outdoor project!

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