Spring Planting

The long winter seems to finally be waning! Time to pull out the camping gear and figure out spring plantings. The big question is, ?when do I start to harden off my spring plantings?? Albertans have traditionally been told the long weekend in May but it is really safest to wait a little longer. Annual plants can be planted the first week in June. If frost warnings come later, cover plants with a breathable covering. Pansies and other biennials easily handle a couple of degrees of frost without any damage. Most biennials can be planted in early May. Perennial plants are the most adaptable and can be planted at any time the soil is workable. Green house grown plants should be left in shady areas and gradually introduced in sunny areas to avoid sunburned leaves. Loosen root balls on your plants prior to planting and water annuals and biennial daily until established. Happy planting!